Friday, July 9, 2010

Can a leader trust a yes man?
Why should (should not) a leader trust a yes man?

The question was around trusting a yes man....Yes men are malleable and easy to walk over (like sand). For a leader, trusting someone means relying on them to tell you the truth (even when it hurts or is unpleasant). Figuratively, you "build your house" on them. Would you build your house on sand?


Vaibhav jain said...

It depends on how Leadership Team operates, although bosses always love to hear good things but unfortunately they miss on the Vision part and hence drive down to dangerous track of no return.

Personaly I would not trust Yes man and would neither advice Leaders to trust them. In the end if they do trust then they should " Trust but Verify".

A yes man is most dangerous for Future of any organization especially if he is holding a key position.

A yes man will never come out with facts which would cause under currents in future hamper any organization's future, he would prefer to be selfish working for himself and not for Organization.

Michael said...


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